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5 hours Schubert on
5 Schubert Fortepianos

Franz Schubert, being one of the greatest composers of all times was always a financially poor man, strangely never played concerts (except once!) and was terribly disregarded by many of his contemporaries. Many accept that his genious is by no means less than that of Beethoven who was busy with his own life and showed only a bit of interest to Schubert's music.

Among his many works he wrote for the orchestra etc. we have the possibility to perform his solo piano works but also his chamber music with the piano and above all his Songs which were of course accompanied with a piano.

It seems that he never owned a Fortepiano but hired from friends and from this certain Drawing by Moritz Ludwig von Schwind from 1821 who was a close friend of Schubert.
We obererve a clearly 5 octave (at the time almost out of date!) Viennese Fortepiano of Walter type in this picture!



We have decided to perform his music on 5 various pianos used in his lifetime.

1-Johann Bohack ca.1785 Viennese fortepiano

2-Jakob Weimes 1803 Viennese Fortepiano (Prague)

3-Tomkison ca.1808 Fortepiano (London)

4-Johann Schanz ca.1820 Fortepiano (London)

5-Rheitmeyer ca.1827 Fortepiano (Vienna)

Our project needs your financial help to take place with best qualities but low costs.

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