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Our European Fortepiano Museum is not just a storehouse where historical keyboards languish in cellars or even behind glass-protected barriers in a showroom! We offer the largest and most diverse Collection of Bach sons, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven-era Fortepianos along with a few special Chopin and Schumann-era pianos.

At EFM/Academy we restore selected rare keyboards and make them available for examination, performance and study for scholars, musicians and students. We encourage enthusiast amateurs and professionals, we manage concerts, master-classes, and make video recordings for our website, our expanding, virtual Museum.

Our location is a center for early music in the Dreiländereck of Germany, France and Switzerland, near Basel where so many of world's reknown early musicians got their education. We are also near Freiburg, which also has a continuing culture of early music through its University and Baroque Orchestra, ensembles etc. Please visit and support our efforts!

Any donation will make a difference, but with your monthly subscription, you help us maintain these instruments and plan projects, recordings and performances, not merely local events, and pay the musicians to be resident, rehearse and perform, in short, to make it all happen.


Help us survive! The EFM and Academy is not supported by any government or private charity and is dependent on independent donors at all levels. If you can, please support us on a monthly basis. It is easy and quick. This method is our best assurance that we can keep The EFM alive and functioning. Even the smallest monthly donation is deeply appreciated, and for those who are able, higher levels of support are available. Every contribution makes a difference!

For monthly donation Click here below

If you want to donate once (and not monthly) please click here below:

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... monthly donations via PayPal are easy (will be automatically taken from your PayPal every month and can be also cancelled at anytime) This helps us a lot more even if it is as little as 4 euros a month!

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Atelier für historische Tasteninstrumente
Breslauerstr. 30
79739 Schwörstadt
+49 7762 8034093
Visits permited only with appointment

If you do not use PayPal and want to donate us once or whenever you want to support our Museum or Projects please donate directly to our bank account in Germany:

European Fortepiano Museum
IBAN: DE42 1705 6060 0101 0289 97
Name of the bank: Sparkasse Uckermark BIC: WELADED1UMP


Association's residence
Dieter Glös
Kirchplatz 4
16278 Angermünde
Tel.: +49 (0)3331 20289


Spenden Sie uns innerhalb Deutschlands und benötigen eine Spendequitung für die Steuerbegünstigung? bitte füllen Sie unkompliziert diese 4 Lücken aus und als Kommentar nennen Sie den Betrag bzw. die Beträge Sie uns durch PayPal einmal, monatlich oder direkt per Bank uns überwiesen haben. Sie hören von uns bald.
Vielen Herzlichen Dank

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