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Johann Sebastian Bach's sons left a great impact on the music of the age of enlightenment.
They were much more known than their great father in their time and composed in the new Style that was nevertheles not what Bach himself appreciated much! he even towards the end of his life remained very conservative and old fashioned unlike Telemann who also composed a bit les baroque and more towards the new age (of enlightenment).
Bach sons lived in the age of great variety of keyboard instruments which we call the ''Golden age of the historical keyboards''. There were a great number of various fortepianos which co-existed with the old fashion harpsichords and clavichords.
To be able to understand their music we need to explore their repertoire through the garden of colors where one can find the more interesting sounding instrument to each piece. Some pieces require multipile sound effects which is only possible on a Tangent Piano or Clavecin royale. Many pieces work wonderful on the ''Clavier'' (at the time it was meant the Clavichord) or some pieces need the magestic full sound of a harpsichord.
In our collection you can find nearly every type of keyboard that their music requires.
This will be a great project that involves at least 4 of Bach sons, hours of producing videos for you being played on at least 20 different keyboards available to them at the time.

We need your financial support to be able to go further.





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