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There are many valuable works of music (in particular for us solo keyboard works of composers who lived in the golden age of the fortepiano, a transitional period that connected the old style with new style. Generations of Giustini, Schobert, Bach sons, Rutini, Rust etc. who deserve to be a lot more know today as they were mostly known and valued in their own time. Indeed not every piece of music is not a masterpiece but we are aware that countless pieces from those periods need our attention and it is not fair to forget them and perform only the famous pieces that have been played frequently in concerts and recordings now and then...

In this respect, we have decided to do a project of 50 masterpieces of unknown or less-known composers on different keyboards like Fortepianos, Tangent pianos, Harpsichords, Spinet, Clavichords, Pantalons etc. involving numerous known and young talented keyboardists who have discovered their own favorites from libraries and other sources, wanting them to bring to light.

As for every project we need sponsorship and your support. Please contact us for more information.

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